The most valuable thing I learned through BPM training is that people matter more than process. This is not to say process doesn’t matter but a process is nothing without well trained, enthusiastic people worming towards a goal. Realizing this has helped me improve my communications and people management skills tremendously. I am now more involved with my personnel than I ever have been. The company Iwork for is growing fast and I am continuing to have to hire people, develop people and delegate responsibility. What I’ve learned the past year has given me the tools to be more effective with these.

The action plan I developed that was most successfully in my opinion was a new hire training program. This program allowed me to offload the responsibility of training to a subordinate and created structure for new hire training that developed new hire’s through the introductory level of training 2 weeks faster than previously. The training program has been improved upon twice after its creation and continues to be built upon.

I feel that I’ve improved leaps and bounds with my team building skills. I have become to manage significantly more strategically, and I’m coming to better understand each of my teammates needs and wants. I understand what is valuable to their personal groMh and I have been putting training programs together to help them attain this groMh while benefiting the company.

I am also more aware of my own strength and weaknesses when it comes to management. One weakness I had when starting that I’ve improved in the past year is the ability to have difficult conversations and persistence in praising good behavior or work and addressing bad behavior or work. I am now vocal with the members of my team when they have been performing well or poorly. I find myself asl‹ing them “What can you do to improve yourself this week that will in turn benefit the company?”

Overall the experience was a great one and I look forward to what Crestcom has in store next!