Mike Shepherd
Professional Biography

Mike Shepherd is Founder and President/CEO of PERITA LLC. Mike is a highly successful business leader with more than 30-years of experience driving strategic business development and financial planning for start-up and mature companies. Recognized internationally for his ability to capitalize on business opportunities and deliver consistent revenue and profit growth. An astute manager of cross-functional, diverse teams, he excels at creating high-performing organizations and developing his subordinates into experts in their respective fields.

Founding his first company, Microtek Laboratories, in 1986, he served as President and CEO for 30-years. Under his leadership, Microtek Laboratories grew to an internationally recognized, fully accredited test laboratory serving clients in the electronic materials and technology fields with facilities in Anaheim, CA and Baltimore, MD. In 2002, heexpanded and co-founded Microtek (China) Laboratories in Changzhou, China, a joint venture with a former China government test facility.

In 2014, he expanded Microtek’s global presence and co-founded MicrotekLaboratories Ltd. in London (Farnborough) England as the majority shareholder. In 2015, he negotiated Microtek’ssuccessful acquisition by National Technical Systems (NTS) of the U.S. facilities of Microtek Laboratories. He currently serves as the Senior Advisor to NTS to ensure a streamlined and effective transition for Microtek’s customers and employees.

Mr. Shepherd also co-founded and served as CFO of Integrated Reliability Test Systems (IRTS) in 2003. He oversaw all financial and business operations, development, and marketing efforts for this provider of specialized testing systems and services. In December of 2012 he divested his interests to the remaining shareholders in both Microtek (China) Laboratories and Integrated Reliability Test Systems (IRTS).